Installing Webuzo WordPress Stack

Installing Webuzo WordPress Stack

What is Webuzo WordPress Stack?

Webuzo WordPress Stack is a free-quick-install package that allows bundling of all software (dependency) necessary to run WordPress for development or production purposes. It includes the latest updated version of WordPress and is pre-configured and ready-to-run.
You can download the latest version of Webuzo WordPress stack for Windows, Linux and OS X at


1.2) Installing WordPress Through Webuzo

Webuzo provides pre-loaded Softaculous Auto-installer which allows quick install of WordPress within minutes.

i) Select WordPress from the long list of categories and simply click install:

ii) Click install:

iii) That’s it.

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iv) Access the admin/enduser panel:

v) WordPress is now set up and ready to be used.

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2.1) Webuzo WordPress Virtual Machine

Deploy Webuzo WordPress Virtual Machine

Webuzo allows to deploy WordPress on its Virtual Machine within minutes.

Here is a quick guide:

i) Download & extract the latest version of Webuzo WordPress Virtual Appliance from

ii) Open the file with the VM player of your choice.

iii) Webuzo Admin / Enduser Panel:

iv) Configure WordPress on the VM:

v) Congratulations, Webuzo is up and running.


2.2) Manual WordPress Installation

You will find the manual guide to install WordPress here.

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