CSF Error: *WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP::Tiny

You can see the issue below when installing the ConfigServer Security Firewall (csf) or restarting CSF.. *WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but Perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP:: Tiny


*WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but Perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP::Tiny


If you do, don’t worry, it’s just that you’re missing few Perl modules that CSF needs to operate properly. To solve this issue,

please install the following packages:

yum install perl-libwww-perl net-tools perl-LWP-Protocol-https -y

Or, if you’re running Ubuntu, Debian or another apt-based Linux distro, try the following:

apt-get install libwww-perl -y

Ubuntu users may also need to install ‘ sendmail ‘ and ‘ unzip ‘ while you’re at it, so check that you have those too. You should be able to restart CSF once this is achieved without seeing the error message above. Well done! 🙂



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