hostslb has developed this clause based on the following considerations:

  • Protect the security, reliability, and privacy of hostslb and its users’ systems and networks.
  • Maintain hostslb’s image and reputation as a responsible provider.
  • Protect the value of the Internet as a platform for free expression.
  • Encourage the rational use of network resources and discourage any actions that may reduce the availability of network resources.
  • Avoid civil disputes to hostslb.
  • Protect the privacy and security of individual users.

We expect customers to assume certain responsibilities when using the Internet, to be familiar with and adhere to good Internet etiquette. Abiding by the following terms is the protection of Internet users’ own rights and honors. hostslb strictly prohibits violating the prohibited content stipulated in this clause. For violators, the following measures will be taken to deal with:

  • Terminate all accounts immediately
  • Suspend all sites immediately
  • Disable related scripts immediately
  • Report suspected illegal acts or activities to relevant departments. E.g. police and / or cyber surveillance
  • Increase fine


  1. Customers must not use or indirectly use hostslb’s services, disseminate materials that hostslb believes contain illegal, intimidating, abusive, defamatory content, encourage the commission of criminal acts, cause civil disputes, or violate any local, state, national or international laws and regulations.
  2. hostslb’s services are only allowed for legitimate purposes. The dissemination, distribution, or storage of any information, data, and materials that violates the laws and regulations of the Netherlands and the country in which the server is located is prohibited, but is not limited to copyright protection, trademarks, trade secrets, or any other constitution. hostslb reserves the right to remove the illegal materials described above from its servers.
  3. Customers must not engage in improper behavior, including but not limited to posting defamatory, defamatory or private content without the consent of the parties, intentionally causing mental damage, or providing it through email, news, or other hostslb Of electronic media / services pose a physical threat to others.
  4. Customers are obliged to provide and update accurate payment information. Falsified information in registration, sales contracts or online applications, including credit card fraud, will be terminated immediately and will bear corresponding civil or criminal liability.

System and network use


  1. The customer must not attempt to bypass user authentication and must not attempt to bypass any server, network or account security settings (ie, “crack”). This includes, but is not limited to, accessing non-customer-owned data, logging in to accounts that are not authorized to log in, and detecting the security of other networks.
  2. Customers must not interfere with the normal service of any user, host, or network (ie, a “denial of service attack”). This includes, but is not limited to, “flood” attacks, deliberately overloading a service, and attempts to “crash” a server.
  3. The customer must not use any programs / scripts / commands that interfere with the process of the user terminal locally or on the network, or send any information that interferes with the process of the user terminal.
  4. Customers must protect their account passwords from unauthorized access.
  5. Users who undermine the security of the system or network will likely bear corresponding civil or criminal liability. hostslb fully supports investigations into sabotage, including investigations by law enforcement.
  6. hostslb reserves the right to access servers / services within its network in the event that a particular user is deemed not to comply with these terms.
  7. We ban BT software and all P2P protocol software on hostslb’s network.


  1. Harassment of any kind, including harassment by language, frequency, or length of information, is prohibited.
  2. Customers must not send email to any unintended recipient. If any recipient asks to stop sending email, the customer must stop sending them immediately.
  3. Customers are explicitly prohibited from sending spam. This includes, but is not limited to, mass mailings, advertisements, information announcements, and political leaflets. These messages are only allowed to be sent to subscribers who have explicitly requested them.
  4. Regardless of whether the recipient is willing to receive it, the client may not forward or spread the chain letter.
  5. Malicious emails are prohibited, including but not limited to “email bombs” (flooding users or sites with floods of email letters) and “phishing”.
  6. No fake headers or any other information is allowed.
  7. It is prohibited to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a mailing list without their consent.
  8. Do not use hostslb’s account or service to collect mail responses from other Internet service providers.
  9. This clause also applies to other forms of internet-based media.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

  1. hostslb is not responsible for chat content.
  2. It is prohibited to run IRC bots or IRC sessions under hostslb’s account.
  3. Customers must not misappropriate other people’s names, or cover up real host names and user names for anonymous chat.
  4. Customers are prohibited from using IRC scripts or programs to interfere with the services of users on any server or host, while harassing other users. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, “flood attacks” (deliberately quickly entering characters to fill the full screen of others), “splash screen” (disturbing the terminal), “force control” (mandatory operation permissions), attempts to send to unwanted recipient Private information, trying to enter a banned passage, or doing other destructive behavior.

Material and product requirements

  1. Customers must ensure that all materials and data placed on hostslb’s devices are “server-available”, a form that does not require other operations on the hostslb side. We will spare no effort to verify the validity, accuracy and usability of this paragraph. If the customer’s material is not “server-available”, we will reject the material at any time. hostslb will notify the customer immediately after rejecting such materials, giving the customer the opportunity to modify or repair the material to meet hostslb server requirements.
  2. Using hostslb’s services requires users to have a certain level of knowledge of Internet languages, protocols, and software. The so-called “somewhat” depends on the intended use and content of the client’s website. Customers must have the basic knowledge to create and maintain a website. hostslb is under no obligation to provide knowledge and customer support beyond the services specified in the Terms of Service.
  3. Unacceptable material
    1. AutoSurf / PTC / PTS / PPC website
    2. IP scanner
    3. Brute force program / script / app
    4. Mail bomb / spam script
    5. High Yield Investment Solutions (HYIP) or related websites
    6. Gaming Website
    7. Hacking websites / archives / programs
    8. Fraudulent websites (including but not limited to those listed on and
    9. Bitcoin mining
    10. Flow mine
    11. Private server or related website
    12. Game plugin website
    13. Illegal drug website
    14. Sale of illegal drugs
    15. Terrorist website
  4. Legal adult content is allowed. Websites containing adult content must be hosted on a virtual host, VPS, or standalone server using a separate IP. Illegal adult content (including but not limited to child pornography, animal pornography) is strictly prohibited. Hosts that violate this clause will be suspended without warning.

Use of resources

Virtual host

  • We don’t allow scripts that exceed (CPU, memory, hard disk I / O) and more than 30 CPU seconds in the package.
  • The cron script must run for at least 15 minutes.
  • Do not run any type of web spider or indexing software (including Google Cash / AdSpy) on a virtual host.
  • We do not allow any independent, unattended server-side process to run on a virtual host at any time. Includes all daemons, such as IRCD, or any software that interfaces with IRC.
  • We don’t allow running the following scripts with well-known security holes. UltimateBBS (all versions), Ikonboard (all versions), IRC Egg Drops, Proxy Servers (proxy services), nph-proxy, The Anonymizer, all soap mailers, CGI-telnet or scripts to open a server shell session.
  • On web hosting servers, we do not allow file dump / mirror scripts (like rapidshare) and image hosting scripts (like Photobucket or Tinypic).
  • Banner advertising platform services (commercial banner advertising carousel), audio streaming and video streaming services are prohibited on the virtual host server.
  • Hosting space should be used to store website files, active mail, and content of hosted websites, not storage (whether media, email, or other data). Furthermore, host space must not be used as offline storage space for electronic files, email or FTP hosts. Customers must not use virtual hosting for file sharing or backup storage purposes.
  • The distribution of MP3s, music files, video files, software, or any other type of files that require a large amount of bandwidth is strictly prohibited on virtual hosts.
  • Host accounts with excessive MySQL / PostgreSQL data tables (for example, more than 1000 tables in a single database) or database size (for example, the total size of a MySQL / PostgreSQL database exceeds 3GB, or the size of a single MySQL / PostgreSQL database exceeds 2GB) will affect server performance have negative impacts. hostslb may require customers to reduce the number of database tables or database size to ensure stable performance of the virtual host service.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server)

  • We do not allow misuse of system resources, including but not limited to using programs that consume excessive network resources, CPU resources, or disk IO.
  • Considering the exhaustion of IPv4 address resources, commercial and public VPN / anonymous proxy services for mainland China are prohibited. If the customer violates this clause, we may charge an additional IP replacement fee or refuse to assign a new IP.

3. Standalone server

  • Considering the exhaustion of IPv4 address resources, commercial and public VPN / anonymous proxy services for mainland China are prohibited. If the customer violates this clause, we may charge an additional IP replacement fee or refuse to assign a new IP.

The Acceptable Use Policy defines what hostslb considers abuse and is strictly prohibited. The examples shown in the terms are not all, they are just for the purpose of explaining to customers. If you cannot confirm whether your use or activities are prohibited by hostslb, please submit a service ticket and our support staff will help you. Please note that the above prohibited actions are also prohibited by other providers who access and use hostslb’s Internet services. In addition, these services are not announced using deceptive marketing strategies. For exceptions not listed in the Terms of Use, but potentially endangering server and network security, performance and integrity, hostslb will have to take restrictive measures to supplement them. In any case, if any user interferes with our server or network, we may close their services.